At Andersons Creek Primary School, we support and encourage every child to reach their full potential.

Every day at our school is a great learning experience for children as we nurture and care for them in a quality learning environment.

We work hard to foster a culture of mutual respect and authentic relationships between students, teachers and parents.

Our philosophy

Andersons Creek Primary School is a school for all learners where we celebrate the strengths of each individual child.

Our learning environments are dynamic and engaging, encouraging children to be curious explorers, risk-takers, thinkers and doers.

Every child is an individual with their own unique and special gifts, talents and passions and we believe in the power of collaboration and co-operation to bring out the best in both children and teachers.

We have a culture of high expectations where children are challenged, supported, inspired and celebrated every day.

Our core values of respect, optimism, honesty and responsibility permeate the school community and contribute to creating a culture that is inclusive for all.

Andersons Creek Primary School is dedicated to creating a safe and secure learning environment where children feel valued, respected and can thrive.

Our values

Our whole school values program focuses on Respect, Optimism, Honesty and Responsibility, creating a positive and happy school where children can thrive.

Positive values are an integral part of our school and strongly influence our behaviour and the way we interact within our community as well as those around us.

There is a strong partnership between students, parents and staff. We have a high level of participation from parents in the school through School Council, classroom helpers, fundraising and social activities.

We are have strong links with the local community, hence our school motto is “Learning with the Community”.

Latest news

Girls swimming backstroke

Swimming carnival

Last week was a busy week at ACPS, with grade 3-6 students returning to school one day and then heading to the swimming pool the next.

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Eastern Metropolitan cross country

We are lucky to have some determined and hard-working cross country runners at ACPS. They ran their hearts out today against some tough competition at the Eastern Metropolitan cross country, with all of them finishing in the top 20.

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STEAM afternoon

To celebrate Education Week’s theme of “Active Learners: Move, Make, Motivate”, we held a STEAM afternoon with a variety of activities for students and their parents/carers to complete around the school.

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School snapshots