Our story


We have an inclusive and community-focused culture and aim to provide an educational environment where all our students can reach their full potential. We understand that learning is not simply about intellectual development and we place just as much emphasis on emotional, social and physical development.

Our key academic focus is on high achievement in numeracy and literacy and we strive for excellence in education. We achieve this by having engaged, optimistic, motivated and independent learners who are confident about their future. We have high expectations for students and provide a curriculum where children experience differentiated learning and open-ended tasks that promote inquiry in learning.


We work hard to create a culture of mutual respect between students, teachers and parents.

All our staff strive to build positive and authentic relationships with the students they teach.

Positive values are an integral part of our school and strongly influence our behaviour and the way we interact within our community as well as those around us.

  • Respect – We care for others and treat them as we would like to be treated.
  • Optimism – We search for the positive aspects of any situation.
  • Honesty – We always tell the truth to ourselves and others.
  • Responsibility – We can be trusted to make good choices and do the right thing.


School reports including our Annual Reports and Strategic Plans can be found on our publications page.

You can find out more about our school profile, NAPLAN results, attendance and finances on the My School website.