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Foundation: Your child will experience many fun and exciting new things at Anderson’s Creek during their first year at school. Through a combination of structured learning, hands-on activities and an inquiry-based approach, we aim to develop social and team skills that will help your child to become life long learners. We are committed to ensuring a smooth transition into school for your child. We offer the opportunity to participate in our Story Time and Bridges to Foundation programs. These experiences will allow your child to meet our staff and become familiar with our school environment. We aim to develop positive relationships between teachers, students and parents. At Anderson's Creek your child will be nurtured and cared for to give them the confidence to reach their full potential. Our Buddy Program will assist your child with settling into the school routine. Knowing older students in the playground helps the Foundation (Prep) children feel happy and safe. Special buddy activities are run throughout the year.









Woodwork Incursion                                   Health

Prep and Grade 6 'Buddies' Dot paintings