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Transition to Secondary

Early in Grade 6, you will be asked to nominate the secondary school you would like your child to attend in Year 7. For many students this will be the closest secondary school to their home.
Most government secondary schools have an enrolment area and, if you live within that area, your child is eligible to enrol. Eligibility is based on your permanent address, not on the primary school your child has attended.

When choosing a secondary school:

  • make an appointment to visit and tour schools in your area
  • attend parent information sessions and open days
  • consider how your child will travel to and from school
  • find out what facilities and resources the school offers
  • find out what the subject choices are
  • check if there are extension programs to meet your child’s needs, interests or talents
  • read the school’s annual report
  • find out what additional support is available at the
  • school – for example for students with a disability
  • look at the school’s policies
  • identify opportunities for parents to become involved.
For more information about specific Victorian government schools, visit the Find a School website at: www.education.vic.gov.au/findaservice