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Overview of aims and importance of literacy in Level 4

Students in Year 5 and Year 6 build on and deepen the basic knowledge and skills related to texts and language that they developed in their early stage of schooling.
Our literacy program provides students with the opportunity to undertake structured activities in small groups with some autonomy. Under guidance, they reflect on reading, viewing, writing, speaking and listening in ways that develop considered and critical approaches to a range of texts.

Writers Workshop

Students explore a diverse range of writing styles and genres within a highly engaging and differentiated (multi-ability) program known as ‘Writer’s Workshop’. This program allows students to make choices about what they wish to write about with the teacher able to demonstrate writing and run skill specific workshops where needed.

Students are taught to employ a range of strategies for writing, including note-making, using models, planning, editing and proofreading.

Literature Circles

Year 5 and 6 students participate in teacher-guided but ‘student-led ‘ book clubs. Students rotate through roles such as Discussion Director, Illustrator, Word Wizard, Imagery Maker to reflect on what they have read, expand language knowledge and to develop leadership/ facilitating skills. Teachers rotate their time amongst groups to extend the reflective practises and discussion in order to support development in expression of views, understanding and analytical skills.

Spelling and Grammar

The Soundwaves spelling program is a phoneme based program which commences in Level 1. By Level 6, many students are at the stage where they are learning about etymology (word origins), suffixes and prefixes. The great thing about this program is that we can differentiate what we teach quite easily and there are plenty of support materials to provide students with practice.