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Humanities, ICT and Science


The Humanities encompasses History, Geography and Economics. Our aim is to involve students in the curriculum as much as possible while covering key ideas. When learning about Federation, for instance, students can choose to research main themes such as suffrage; the Great Depression and key figures within the movement. We run a special week of lessons to commemorate the ANZACS which culminates in the ANZAC Day Ceremony and an Expo. Other subjects include: the Gold Rush; Asia; Government and Migration.

ICT (Information and Communications Technology)

In Levels 5 and 6 students use iPads and personal computers for a range of tasks.We use a range of applications such as ‘Tellagami’, ‘Padlet’, ‘Flipagram’ and ‘BookCreator’ to present their understanding in a range of ways. Where appropriate, students have access to ebooks and Audible to help comprehension.

They produce information products that demonstrate their knowledge and skills for all areas of the curriculum.

 Students begin to use and become familiar with computer programs such as Excel, Prezi, Wix, Publisher, Word and PowerPoint. We introduce students to coding using ‘Tynker’ and ‘Scratch’.

Anderson’s Creek Primary School is equipped with two computer labs and interactive whiteboards are installed in our classrooms. 


We run a dynamic and engaging program in Levels 5 and 6, covering Biological, Physical, Chemical and Earth Sciences. We teach with a ‘hands on’ approach and allow students to make their own investigations where appropriate. Topics include: Solar Energy; Electricity; Space; Natural Disasters; Chemical Change and Plant and Animal Adaptations.