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The grade 6 students participate in two short camps over the course of the school year. The first, is located in Marysville

(http://www.campmarysville.org.au) located about an hour from school. This camp offers a range of activities designed to build resilience and develop confidence and team work. This year, students took part in canoeing, cooking, bike riding, hiking and climbing. At night, a campfire was lit and we told stories and sang songs. On returning to school, students designed a survey to give feedback to the teachers on what they thought about the camp and whether they would recommend it for future years. There was an overwhelming endorsement of Camp Marysville with many saying that it was their favourite camp so far. 




Bike Education

As part of our Bike Education program, Grade 5‘s attend a four day Bike Education camp.  This will provide students with the opportunity to put into practice the safety and skill development they have acquired during our school based Bike Education unit. 

In 2011, it was the first time Anderson’s Creek Primary school had been able to provide a camp for Grade 5 students.  This camp has been very popular and a great success ever since.