Grades 3&4

In Grade 3 & 4 (Level 3) Andersons Creek is committed to providing students with a safe, welcoming and happy learning environment in which students are challenged and supported to achieve their full potential. Literacy and Numeracy are the key learning areas that are fundamental to students developing as confident learners.

Students at the Learning Shack
Students at the Learning Shack
Grade 3&4 students
Grade 3&4 students


Students take part in the Reader’s and Writer’s Workshops daily. We follow a whole-school model where students are given choice over what they read and write. The students begin to become more critical when reviewing their work and continue to enhance and refine their skills in speaking and listening, reading and writing.

Each week, we focus on a ‘sound’ through SMART Spelling. Students analyse words by looking at individual sounds, prefixes & suffixes, as well as word meanings.


Planned learning activities across Grade 3 & 4 aim to develop confident mathematical learners. Students recognise and explore patterns in numbers and shape and increasingly use mathematical terms and symbols to describe computations, measurements and characteristics of objects. Students are given opportunities to learn to recognise practical applications of mathematics in everyday life, including work, play, shopping, travel and time of day.


A school camp is a much-anticipated experience for both students and teachers. Camp gives students an opportunity to develop independence as it is often a student’s first time away from home. Students are able to step outside their comfort zones and tackle a myriad of challenges designed to enhance their self-belief, self-worth and relationships with their peers. Some of these lifelong skills are sharing, helping, encouraging others and listening. School camp provides students with an ideal opportunity to develop team skills, challenge themselves and enjoy the learning experience.

Some of the activities that students may have an opportunity to take part in while at camp include, the Flying Fox, Trampolines, Giant Swing, Initiative activities, Gym games, Rock climbing wall, Low ropes course, Cooking, Craft activities, Indoor and outdoor games, Talent Show, Trivia Nights and visiting local attractions to the campsite.