Grades 1&2

One of our priorities in Grade 1 & 2 is that all children feel happy and secure in their learning environment. Students are encouraged to ‘take risks’ in their learning and are supported when doing so. This contributes to the success of their education and is underpinned by a differentiated curriculum, where students are involved in a range of engaging, challenging and motivating activities. Students are supported to make goals throughout the year and these are reflected upon regularly.


Students take part in the Reader’s and Writer’s Workshops daily. We follow a whole-school model and even in junior school, students are given choice over what they read and write.

Each week, we focus on a ‘sound’ through SMART Spelling. Students analyse words by looking at individual sounds, prefixes & suffixes, as well as word meanings.

MiniLit and MultiLit are school-based early literacy intervention programs that provide a second opportunity for students who, after one or two years at school, have not yet established effective reading and writing processes.


Students have a daily Maths lesson; three lessons focus on the Number strand of the curriculum, whilst the other two focus on Measurement & Geometry and Chance & Probability. Students take part in a 5-minute daily warm-up, where they practise their automatic recall of number facts, through a range of hands-on activities.


Students are exposed to a range of topics across the curriculum through an inquiry approach. Areas include, but are not limited to, Science, Technology, Geography and History. The Inquiry units are open-ended and are designed to foster a community of critical thinkers and collaborators. Students engage in many rich learning experiences, as individual learners and in a variety of collaborative group investigations.


The students have access to, and regularly use iPads and laptops. They are introduced to a range of educational apps and programs and learn fundamental skills, such as typing, researching and coding. Students are also taught about cyber-safety.

A wide range of incursions, excursions and extracurricular programs complement our school programs.