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Values Education

Anderson's Creek promotes school-wide values of Respect, Optimism, Responsibility and Honesty. Each class spends time at the beginning of the year developing behaviour guidelines and expectations. These are displayed so they can be referred to throughout the year. Children are also involved in setting personal learning goals which are revisited regularly.
Circle Time
Circle time is about creating a safe learning environment, promoting well-being, emotional and social intelligence, and emotional literacy. It is one aspect of the whole school approach to enhancing self esteem, encouraging self awareness, empathy and the development of communication and social skills.

What is Circle Time?

At Anderson's Creek we focus on developing the Emotional Intelligence of our students through Circle Time. Click here to find out more, or visit our Values Education page.


We invite you to tour our school at a time that is convenient to you. Feel free to contact Jo in the Office on 9844-2757 to organise a guided tour of our school.

Behaviour Contracts

At the beginning of the year our students enter into Behaviour Contracts between them and the school which are designed to give clear guidelines as to the expectations their classroom teachers have of them regarding their behaviour and attitude in school, and towards their peers.  In offering them a chance to consider their behaviour and the way it affects others, and reaching an agreement on appropriate codes of conduct, students are empowered to take control of the choices they make every day.