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ACPS is participating in the Resource Smart Schools Program funded by Sustainability Victoria and supported by Manningham City Council and CERES.


Sustainability is an important concept that is taught across Anderson's Creek. Our students are involved in Sustainable leadership groups, rubbish-free lunches, gardening and curriculum activities within all grade levels that promote sustainability.


Current Initiatives

Sustainability Leadership team

Our Grade 4- 6 students have the opportunity to be involved in a Sustainability leadership team, ‘ACPS Green Thumbs’, who meet regularly to discuss sustainability initiatives and ensure the ongoing success of our current sustainable practices. They also provide regular updates to the school community through our weekly whole-school assembly. 

A 'Green Thumbs' creation - a mural made using caps recycled by our community

Rubbish Free Lunch

Wednesday is our official “Rubbish-free lunch” day when students are encouraged to bring their lunch in re-usable packaging only (eg lunch boxes, containers). The class with the least rubbish receives the well-sought-after ‘Rubbish bin’ trophy to proudly display for their week as winners.

Recycling Stations

At A.C.P.S we have set up recycling stations including plastic, paper and compost bins in our classrooms (including the staffroom). This is program is monitored and run by our Sustainability Leadership team. Our Sustainability leaders speak at some of the school assemblies about sustainability.


Vegetable Garden

  • The school has a vegetable garden which is maintained by the Grade 1 and 2 children. The beds have seen gradual expansion and now include a worm farm and compost bins. Our Grade 1’s and 2’s have sessions in based on the garden including sowing, growing and harvesting. Produce is used in the classroom, school canteen and cooking club.
  • Regular updates on the progress and learning from the gardens are provided in the weekly school newsletter. 

For more information about growing a sustainable future visit the links below.

Green Day

We had our first annual Green Day late 2012 where all students in the school participated in learning more about how to protect our Yarra River and the impact rubbish has on local animals and wider environment along the river. Each student listened to an engaging presentation from a Yarra Riverkeeper and participated in multi-age groups to make an art/craft project out of reusable items. 


Solar Panels

The school was successful in its 2010 National Solar School’s application. This government initiative has seen the school install solar panels to help offset some of the school’s electricity.

Bronze Water Lili Accreditation

Our school currently has a Bronze Accreditation through the Water Lili (live it, learn it) program. This accreditation is run though Yarra Valley Water.  For more information go: 

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