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Our Family Science Night

Anderson’s Creek Primary School celebrated National Science Week this year with a Family Science Night. The school was a hive of activity as students, parents and teachers participated in an assortment of hands-on experiments. 

The evening encouraged everyone to explore light and sound, force and movement, environmental science and a variety of chemical reactions. There were experiments to engage all ages such as: bubble blowing, clucking chickens, making bath bombs, blobs in a bottle and a nature sensory table. The aim was to promote science inquiry skills involving questioning and predicting. Many attempts were made to create something out of play dough that could float or to use static power to make a ghost dance. 

A group of dedicated Grade 5 students capably performed demonstrations throughout the evening. Their presentations included making quicksand, erupting volcanoes and creating crazy putty. The students enjoyed the experience saying they felt nervous at first but as the evening went on, they had relaxed and were having fun. The students reflected on the evening and said if given the chance, they would love to do it again. 

Overall, the event was a great success and was enjoyed by everyone in the school community. 

 The involvement of students  from prep to grade 6    
 all contributed to the fun had 
 and learning experienced 
 on the night.