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Health and PE

Physical Education is taught for one hour each week and students develop skills in co-ordination and movement.  There is also an emphasis on team work and the importance of fair play and good sportsmanship. Team building, confidence and self-esteem are all developed through the games the students learn.
Grade 5 and 6 students are also involved in two hours of sport per week.
There are lots of opportunities for our students to be active at recess and lunchtime with sporting equipment in each classroom and some lunchtime activities.

Our Sports Facilities are second to none with a Basketball Stadium, tennis courts, netball courts, and a synthetic oval for use all year round.

Interschool Sports

Every Grade 5 and 6 student participates in our Summer and Winter Inter school sports program . Students play a number of different sports against other schools in the District. Sports include Softball, bat tennis, rounders, cricket,  football, soccer and Tee ball. There are also round robins in Volleyball, netball and tennis.

Athletics and Swimming

Students from grade 3 -6 are involved in School Carnivals in Athletics, Swimming and Cross Country. Students all have the opportunity to participate in these activities.