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Mathematics is a language through which humans make sense of the world and organise their lives. It is a tool that is essential for assisting children to work mathematically in order to understand and function in the world in which they live. We aim to encourage, motivate and inspire our students to develop an understanding, appreciation and enthusiasm of Mathematics.
The focus of our Mathematics curriculum is to ensure that our pupils develop the essential numeracy skills from an early age that will extend their knowledge and understanding as well as their creativity.
Here at Anderson’s Creek, we support independent and interactive learning in Mathematics and view learning as an interactive process between the teacher and student and student-student whereby rich contextualized discussions lead the student to a deeper understanding of the concept being taught. This includes;
  • Students work in groups within the class with other students who have similar needs.
  • Differentiated activities and tasks to allow a successful progression of learning and encourage a high self efficacy for the child.
  • Using concrete materials, skill level appropriate practice resources and technology such as MS Excel, calculators, Maths 300 and interactive whiteboards.
  • Open ended investigations providing extensions to challenge students at all levels.
Mathematics at Anderson’s Creek, in line with the Victorian Essential Learning Standards (VELS) curriculum, is divided into five dimensions
  • Number
  • Space
  • Measurement, chance and data
  • Structure (introduced from Level 3)
  • Working mathematically.