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Performing Arts

All students should be given the opportunity to participate in a Performing Arts Program. The music program at Anderson’s Creek Primary School runs all year from Prep to Grade 6.


Through song, dance, and the use of many instruments, your child learns many musical concepts.


Every student in each grade is involved in a 50 minute music session once a week. All lessons are conducted by our Music Teacher in the Performing Arts Theatre.
At Anderson’s Creek Primary School we are dedicated to providing students with many musical opportunities:
  • Junior Choir (Grades 1 & 2)
    This choir allows children to develop basic singing skills and confidence in public performing.
  • Senior Choir (Grade 3, 4 & 5)
    This choir features more complicated pieces with solos and two part choral work.

Recorder Program

At Anderson’s Creek Primary School all Grade 3 students learn the descent recorder.


We provide students with a great opportunity to perform in a variety of concerts. Every year we run a Production or an Arts Festival where students perform many songs, plays and dances. All teachers and students become involved in this project which creates a fantastic school community spirit.

At Anderson's Creek we believe in an inclusive performance. All children are involved in the production process from performances on the stage to behind the scenes.


Instrumental Program

Wonnies School of Music offers tuition in a huge range of instruments including, piano, drums, guitar, flute and saxophone.  There are group or individual lessons available and the teacher come to the school to conduct the lessons during school hours.  For more information brochures and enrollment forms are available on the front